Miranda + Dave Elopement

Where do I even begin with this incredible elopement and these beautiful people?

Miranda and Dave, when I first met you, we were strangers, over the hours that followed, we became friends.
Miranda, you are electric, positive, giving and so loving! Dave, you are generous, relaxed and so easy to talk to!
Together, you make an amazing team and it was the most beautiful honour to document your wonderfully elaborate elopement.

Miranda and Dave had planned to get married – or at least they had told all of their friends and family that.
They sent out invitations, organised a venue, catering etc, but little did everyone know – they had top secretly planned to get eloped 2 months before their ‘wedding’ date.
This was very cleverly done so that these two could have the private and beautifully romantic ceremony they had always wanted while separating the crazy hectic but awesome party they had planned for their wedding.
A FANTASTIC idea, if you ask me.
They hired out a cinema at the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn and along with their fantastic videographers, made a movie to document their elopement and screened it to their guests on their wedding day.

So, when Miranda contacted me about this elaborate plan, I was all in at the drop of a hat.

D day came and the elopement was all go!
The rest of the story is in the imagery…


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